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"Leben retten e.V." is a German initiative to help people who have leukemia.
Every two hours a person suffers this destiny. Half of them are children and teenagers.
In leukemia, the white blood cells, which form themselves out of the stem cells of the bone marrow, proliferate out of control, crowding out the vitally important red blood cells.

There are only 9.002.154 bone marrow donors typed worldwide (by March 23rd, 2004).
A very alarming low number, as we think….

We are backing up organizations like Uni Göttingen, NKR (north German bone marrow and stem cell donors registry) and DKMS (German bone morrow donors file ltd.), just to mention a few.

What does it mean to save a life?
How to get a bone marrow donor?
How does a registration work?

These are questions you will find answers to here on our homepage.

"Why does it need your help?… Because you are a drop of water. Each drop of water leads to a river and each river to an ocean…"

Jean-Pierre Wartique, 03/19/2004
© 2005 by Jean-Pierre Wartique    

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