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Here is what you always have wanted to know about saving lifes...

1. What does saving lives mean?
2. The correct donor
3. Essential for survival - the data file of donors
4. How do we want to help?
5. What do we do?
6. How can you become donor?
7. Procedure of taking a bone marrow sample
8. Each donor counts
9. How does a registration work?
10. Each financial donation is important
'Leben Retten' is the survival impotant possibility to give a new life to a person who has fallen ill with leukemia. Primary concerned are young people and children.
Leukemia damages the stem cells which are needed by the white blood cells to produce bone marrrow.
An appropriate donor can help a leukemia patient by giving healthy stem cells out of his bone marrow. This way the patient can once again have a normal regeneration of bone marrow and his life will be saved.
The peripheral removal of stem cells directly out of the donor's blood is a further possiblility of transferring healthy material. Sometimes a drug therapy is efficient as well.
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